Here is a checklist that might be helpful in preparation for the show.

  1. Paintings
  2. List all of the paintings that will be at clothesline sale for history
  3. Art guild tags on all paintings
  4. Pop-up canopy and weights
  5. Screens and/or panels 
  6. Name Tag on lanyard-name typed on both sides
  7. Name Tag for clothesline
  8. Biography – artist statement
  9. Business cards and holders
  10. Signs with prices for: greeting cards, etc.
  11. Greeting Card Rack
  12. Greeting cards
  13. Prints 
  14. Print rack
  15. Cash box and/or fanny pack for money
  16. Starter cash/change for cash box
  17. Phone and phone device for credit cards (Square)
  18. Sales receipt book
  19. Sales sheet to keep record of items sold-Guild has a form, receive at
  20. Master Table
  21. Mailing list sheet 
  22. Clip Board(s)
  23. Map of Clothesline booths and information
  24. Journal to write information and to collect business cards
  25. Table for my personal stuff, pens, sales book, etc.
  26. Addition table(s) for other art stuff
  27. Chair to sit in
  28. Extra chair
  29. Hooks, carabineers, large paper clips or drapery hooks for hanging on clothesline
  30. Cloth for tables and clothesline
  31. Calculator
  32. Zip ties
  33. Camera – Charged
  34. Hat and something warm for cold days
  35. Some kind of art to do while sitting there
  36. Rag and Windex
  37. Sticky Tack, scotch tape, sharpie, screwdriver, writing pens, scissors, duct tape, art frame wire, fishing line/twine, pliers
  38. Small brown lunch bags for cards when purchased
  39. Food 
  40. Water and Water spritzer for keeping cool
  41. Cooler for food and water with ice

* Thanks to CAG Member Kristi Hager for providing this list.