Membership Connection

Membership Google Group

To better facilitate communication between CAG members, we’ve set up a Google Group for all current members of CAG. 

Use it to communicate with ALL members of CAG re: CAG-specific & other art-related subjects such as art process Q&A, critiques, art items for sale, art-related workshops/classes, etc.

  • Email all current members of CAG art-related information with a single email address
  • Share art-related ideas and files with other members
  • Ask for art critique
  • Ask about art techniques and processes
  • Share yard sales, personal sales or other sales regarding art-related items
  • Exchange information and ideas about art-related subjects
  • Learn about art-related topics and join discussions
  • Invite a group to art-related calendar events

Using Google Groups makes it easy to communicate & collaborate with groups of people sharing similar interests. You can quickly reach every member of the group using just one email address. 

To use it, simply email cag-membership@googlegroups.com or use the Google Group dashboard tool: https://groups.google.com/my-groups

Responding to messages via email follows the same rules you’re already used to:

·  To respond only to the sender, just select Reply.

·  To respond to the entire group, select Reply to all.

·  To message a subset of the group, use individual addresses.

Don’t want to be a member of this google group? No worries. Email me @ Website Manager.