Membership Connection

Membership Google Group

To better facilitate communication between CAG members, we’ve set up a google group for all current members of CAG. 

Use it to communicate with ALL members of CAG re: CAG-specific & other art-related subjects such as art process Q&A, critiques, art items for sale, art-related workshops/classes, etc.

  • Email all current members of CAG art-related information with a single email address
  • Share art-related ideas and files with other members
  • Ask for art critique
  • Ask about art techniques and processes
  • Share yard sales, personal sales or other sales regarding art-related items
  • Exchange information and ideas about art-related subjects
  • Learn about art-related topics and join discussions
  • Invite a group to art-related calendar events

What is google groups? A google feature that makes it easy to communicate & collaborate with groups of people sharing similar interests. It combines all emails for a group under one email address. 

To use it, simply email cag-membership@googlegroups.com or use the google group dashboard tool: https://groups.google.com/my-groups

Responding to messages via email follows the same rules you’re already used to:

·  To respond only to the sender, just select Reply.

·  To respond to the entire group, select Reply to all.

·  To message a subset of the group, use individual addresses.

Don’t want to be a member of this google group? No worries. Email me @ membership@corvallisartguild.net.”

Membership List

This is a secured list. If you are a current member of the guild in need of contacting other members, you can access this list. If you have any issues accessing it, please contact the Website Manager.

Current Membership List