Clothespin Project Details

What is the Clothespin Project? Since our physical 59th Annual Clothesline Sale of Art has been cancelled due to the pandemic, we are creating a highly visible, unique art activity as an alternative. 

Each of us, with our own ideas, tools and skills, will use clothespins or the idea of clothespins – the indispensable partner of clotheslines – to create artworks which convey a sense of ‘holding on’ in this time of the pandemic.  We want to inspire our community with art that shows that life and imagination will continue on.

Who? All current members of the Corvallis Arts Guild are encouraged to participate.

Media? You decide but if you’d like to transform an actual clothespin, CAG will provide a free starter kit with several sizes of clothespins to kickstart your work.

Where? Works will be displayed in the Footwise store window on 3rd Street in downtown Corvallis during the whole month of August. Photos of works will also be shared with the community on social media and CAG’s website.

When: August 1 will be the launch date for the beginning of a social media blitz. We think this date will provoke memories of past Clotheslines Sales and plant seeds for visions of next year’s 60th anniversary event. 

*** Artist Deadline: July 15, 2020. We need to receive images of work from all participating artists. If you need help with photographing, please contact us.

Are you in? Say “YES!” to the ClothesPin Project by pressing the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I only paint on a clothespin?

No…you can create using any media in any size.

All we ask is that you use clothespins or the idea of clothespins or any visual interpretation of clothespins to trigger viewers’ thoughts of the act of “holding on.”

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When will I receive clothespins starter kit?

We hope to deliver your kit by June 1.

Request Starter Kit. There is no charge for the starter kit.

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What will I receive in my starter kit?

We plan to provide 1 large*, 2 medium and six “regular” size clothespins in each kit to any Guild artist who requests them. Request Starter Kit.

Prefer something different? Contact us.

*At this time, large size may be available in limited quantities. Stay tuned.

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What are the sizes of the clothespins?

The smallest pin is just under 3 inches long and 3/8 inch wide; the medium one is ±6 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, the biggest one is ±12 inches long and ±2.5 inches wide.

Note: The background is a 1-inch square grid.

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How can I get more clothespins?

We will be providing links where you can purchase extra medium and large clothespins if interested. Coming soon.

Unfortunately, some of us find ourselves in financially challenging positions, especially during COVID-19, so if you are eager to make more but your budget won’t allow for it right now, no worries. Contact Us.

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What do I do with the clothespins or clothespin art when they are finished? 

1) Sign it!
2) Take photos. Photo Requirements. Need help? Contact us.
3) Fill out submission form.
4) If you created art on a clothespin and would like to display it around town, contact us.

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What will happen to my clothespin art and photos?

Any of the following may happen:

• Photos of your work(s) will appear on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.
• Photos of your work(s) will appear in an online gallery hosted by the Corvallis Art Guild.
• If you have a website, online store and/or social media accounts, feel free to share and sell them through those outlets. Please consider including links to the CAG’s social media accounts and website. Details below.
• If you make large-size clothespins, we’d like to display them at Corvallis-area businesses during late July and early August. However, we cannot guarantee their safe return, so please take that into consideration when making your decision to share in this way.
Contact us to display in businesses.

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Is there a maximum artwork size?

No. Most of the viewing will occur online, so size won’t be an issue.

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If my work is sold, who handles the transaction?

CAG will display your clothespin art and your contact information. Anyone interested in purchasing your work will contact you directly.

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Is there any commission due to CAG?

There will be no commission due to CAG for this project as expenses are minimal.

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Photo Requirements

When you complete your clothespin artwork, it’s time to take photos of it.

For art on an actual clothespins:

  • We’d like at least one with a solid black or white background, whichever looks better.
  • If art is on multiple sides, consider taking shots of each side.
  • We’d love to see your clothespin in action! Consider taking an image of it in use.
  • Feel free to be creative. You can send us multiple images and we will use the ones that work best.

For 2D art, send us one photo.

Images should meet the following criteria (Note: Many of today’s cell phones take images that are just fine):

  • 72 dpi
  • Minimum 600-800 pixels on the longest side
  • Should be clear and not blurry
  • Should be taken parallel and square to the art piece (no angles)
  • Should not include picture frames (crop them out if possible)
  • File names should be as follows: artist last name_first name_title of artwork_medium_size ie: “Doe_Jane_Sunset at the Beach_Acrylic on Canvas_16x20.jpg”. 

Questions/Issues? Contact us!

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Art Submission Form

When you’ve completed your artwork, submit your artwork using one of these methods:

  • Fill out the online art submission form. There is an option to upload images on the form.
  • Complete the pdf version using Adobe Acrobat.
  • Download, print and complete pdf version manually. Take cell phone pictures of the completed form and email them OR mail paper copies to:
    • Corvallis Art Guild
      Attn: Clothespin Project
      PO Box 2047
      Corvallis, OR 97339

If you have any trouble submitting photos through the forms, please email them.

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2020

Any problems, contact us.

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Spread the Word

Please help us to spread the word! If you have social media accounts, consider doing the following or drop an email out to friends and family and ask them to like, comment and/or share.


  • Tag Corvallis Art Guilds Instagram page: @corvallisartguild
  • Include hashtags: #holdingon #Corvallislocalartists #corvallisartguild #clothespinproject #clotheslinesaleofart #clothespins
  • Like, comment and/or share Corvallis Art Guild posts or other guild member posts


  • Tag Corvallis Art Guild’s Facebook Page: @corvallisartguild
  • Like, comment and/or share Corvallis Art Guild posts or other guild member posts


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