Alisha B. Whitman - Watercolor, Acrylic

Artist: Alisha B. Whitman
Medium: Watercolor, Acrylic

Artist Bio:

I am an enthusiastic painter that is constantly inspired by the beauty of the world around me. The tall trees, magnificently cloudy skies, dancing rivers, and awesome mountain peaks are the subjects of my landscape paintings, and fortunately, here in Oregon, I never run out of beautiful places to paint. We do a lot of hiking and exploring as a family, and my kids often point things out and say, “oh you’re going to paint that, aren't you?” When I do, I don’t worry about precisely portraying all the little details I see, but focus instead on the joy and wonder I feel when surrounded by nature.

Getting outside helps me let go of stress and the negativity in the world, and so I try to share that in my art. I feel there’s too much that is discouraging and difficult in our world today. I want my art to be a happy escape. I see it as a way to lift and encourage. To share hope.


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Ph# (Cell): 971-645-2046