Jaqui Eicher - Acrylic

Artist: Jaqui Eicher, Blue Pearl
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist Bio:

With a degree in The Arts from Western Oregon University and a Masters in Teaching from Oregon State University, I am not new to the study of art. However, only recently have I devoted my time to creating 2-dimensional art and I feel that I have finally found what brings me closest to my true self. My work has been shown at River Gallery in Independence, two small galleries in Salem, and in Corvallis at The Majestic Theater, New Morning Bakery and Imagine Coffee. My paintings have gone to Chintimini Wildlife Center, Heartland Humane Society and is currently on display at Olufson Designs Jewelry, Sibling Revelry, Bob’s Mirror and Glass, and The Shoe Hutch!

I live in my small Corvallis studio with my small companion and muse: Pearl, a white terrier mix from Heartland Humane Society.



Ph# (Home): 503-302-8103