Rani Primmer - Digital Artist

Artist: Rani Primmer
Medium: Digital Painting

Artist Bio:

I am a Seeker of Magic. Not your rabbit-in-the-hat kind of magic. This is the magic that is found in seeing the inspiration and joy in otherwise ‘normal’ things and events. It’s that winged dragon sitting upon the fluff of white clouds floating above us; It’s the ancient troll’s face peeking out from the crickety-crookedy-crockity burls of a wise old tree stump; It’s the fluid beauty that rain drops paint as I watch them trickling down the windshield of my car cocoon. It’s seeking the lessons from the inevitable pain and joy that life serves up throughout one’s journey.

These hidden treasures many times escape us as we get caught up in the routines of dealing with the daily chores of our lives. Many times, the magic will only be a glimpse from the corner of our eye and can easily be missed. If, however, the eye can catch it, for that moment, no matter how short, there is a special joy that fills one’s soul. ArtistaMama, my mother and my soulmate in art, was a self-proclaimed Seeker of Magic and made it her goal to instill the art of ’Seeing’ in her children and grandchildren.

Growing up under the wings of ArtistaMama, I learned quickly that the magic of the gifts that nature gives us are meant to be an experienced and deeply felt part of the journey of our life… they were not intended to be skimmed over. I learned that when the rain falls and the wind blows, you sit quietly and listen with your heart instead of complaining loudly with your mouth. This perspective has become a great part of the process involved in creating my art. Creating is a meditating and healing experience for me and subsequently THE process is the most fulfilling.

Once a piece is completed and shared, I hope it inspires something greater in the souls that connect with it. I hope it helps to heal those places in others’ souls that have been hurt during their journey. I hope it gives something back to the Universe in return for all the Universe has given me.

My work is always evolving. In the process of seeking the magic, I find something new I’d like to try almost every day. I usually start with a plan as to where I’m going with a piece but that is generally very short-lived as the colors, materials and brush strokes seem to have a life of their own and show ME the way rather than me showing them the way. Mistakes are often the most welcome gifts as they give me a view into ‘things’ that I could not see before. Challenges from others are another treasure because they take me outside of my box. They open doors to skills that I did not know that I had. This at times can be daunting as I find my way through a place I haven’t yet been, but once I push myself through, I am thrilled by the evolution that has occurred in my art…in ME!

As one seeks the magic, they enter a world of imagination and creativity where the fears and burdens of this world can be put on a shelf…even if only for a moment. For me, this world is a place where the colors are vibrant, music dances on the breeze, and gracious winged creatures live among us. What is it for you?



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