The Corvallis Art Guild had plans to share our members’ art with you at Imagine Coffee this month, but the need for social distancing has caused a detour.

We believe art matters!

Art gives us a reprieve from the chaos that surrounds us… a much-needed moment of silence and retrospection. Through art, we can reconnect with our inner spirit that periodically wanders off in the busy-ness of life. Through art, we can connect to the spirit of others as our minds reach into the depths of their creations to gain meaning and understanding…crossing the gaps to find new perspectives or realizing that we are not alone in our own perspectives.

So, since you can’t come to our art, we’d like to bring our art to you. We are spanning the distance with Art Reach, a virtual art show.

On the bright side, there are many benefits of a virtual art show:
• You can explore art from your fave comfy chair.
• You don’t have to dress up. Heck, no bra, no pants!?! You do you! No judgment here!
• You can play your own soundtrack to really sink into the moment in your own way. Pink Floyd? Beethoven? Imagine Dragons? A little Nine Inch Nails? What’s your jam?
• You get to decide when and where! Maybe a morning art start on your patio with a cup of coffee or an evening visual wind down with a glass of wine?
• Connect without the need to disinfect! Wifi is Covid19-proof. Thank goodness! No need to wash your hands after viewing.

So, grab a beverage of your choice, get comfortable and hit play! Enjoy our virtual art show! If you’d prefer to watch a video, click here.

A huge thank you to Imagine Coffee who has long embraced and supported art in the community. Thank you for providing a wonderful venue to local artists. To those folks who have the means, please consider buying gift cards from Imagine Coffee and other local businesses to help them get through these difficult times.

Art Reach: Spanning the Distance