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Due to the pandemic, the 59th annual Clothesline Sale of Art has been cancelled. 🙁

So, CAG artists have ‘come together’ to bring a unique art event to the community with art that shows that life and imagination continue on.

Clothespins are the indispensable partner of clotheslines, 'holding on' to that which we hope not to lose, sometimes through unexpected high winds. We challenged our artists to use their own ideas, skills and tools combined with clothespins or the idea of clothespins to create artworks which conveys a sense of ‘holding on’ in this time of the pandemic.

They did not disappoint!

Enjoy this virtual art show of their works and their personal inspiration statements created in the space of 'holding on'.

Many of the pieces will be on display in the Footwise store window on 3rd Street in Downtown Corvallis during the month of August. If you are local, take a walk downtown and enjoy a covid-friendly art show as you view the art from the sidewalk.

We hope that you are doing well and 'holding on' through these difficult times.

Dominique Bachelet

Spring 2020

Watercolor 18.5x22.5

Artist Inspiration: Spring 2020 we all had to get masks because of the pandemic but spring was going on with new colorful flowers and young animals enjoying the greening pastures.

Can I Use My Tail?

Watercolor 18x22

Artist Inspiration: I love squirrels that run around my house every day, many many times a day. They know me and I know them. During the pandemic people are now using scarves or bandanas as masks and I thought how about a bushy tail. I saw this photo and thought it would be very cool to call it: Can I use my tail?

Covid Line

Watercolor 18x22

Artist Inspiration: It was spring and the swallows and swifts were flying around while we were making and washing our masks to deal with the Covid19 pandemic. I simply brought the two together spring and pandemic.

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Donna Beverly

Emma’s Whitewashed Sins

Acrylic and Graphite 30x40

Artist Inspiration: The breezes that move across an outdoor clothesline reminds me of my childhood when my mother was happiest - working outside in fresh air and sunshine. Covid isolation has brought many hours of contemplation about the past and how previous times were also very difficult for the country during the Depression and times of war. They survived and thrived and so shall we.

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Aurae Beidler

Mary's Peak

Watercolor on 6-inch Clothespin 1.4"x6"

Artist Inspiration: Mary's Peak is an icon for Corvallis and the Willamette Valley and this landmark means home. When driving home from north or south I'll look for Mary's Peak and when it see it I know that home is not far away.

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Cherrill Boissonou

My Sale

Photography 12x12

Jeannie Campbell

Rose Notes

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Pen, Alcohol Inks on 9-inch Clothespin 1.8"x9"

Artist Inspiration: Roses are sweet and thorny, at the same time. That's what this Pandemic World feels like.

Trying to *Hang On*.

Sunlight by Flowers

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Charcoal, Pen, Alcohol Inks on 12-inch Clothespin 2.5"x12"
$45 - SOLD

Artist Inspiration: Sunflowers just make me feel free and happy. That's what lacking in our Pandemic World right now.

Night Skies

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Pen, Alcohol Inks 2.5"x12"

Artist Inspiration: I'm fascinated with the NEOwise Comet and sitting by the river, listening to the waterfall. It's all about spiritual healing and trying to *Hang On* during this Pandemic.

To Purchase Jeannie's work text her @ 541-285-8014

Brynn Carter

Hanging Laundry

Acrylic 12x16

Artist Inspiration: Inspired by a fun “primitive” “Laundry Day“ painting at my cousin’s house. My grand daughter and I do art together often, and she designed the initial composition.

And Guide Her

Acrylic 11x14

Artist Inspiration: Inspired by an anti-trump rally at the Benton County Courthouse. I wanted to sing my favorite patriotic song, “God Bless America”.

Forget Me Not

Each clothespin is 6" Long x 1.25"
$5 Each

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Debbe Cornitius

Pandemic Spring

Acrylic 30x30


Acrylic on 12-inch Clothespins 1@2.5"x12" 2@1.5"x6"
$50 for the set

Artist Inspiration: The way I've been holding on is by working in my garden and painting.

Carol Fairbanks


Acrylic 20x16

Artist Inspiration: This painting was created to honor the fragile wonders and wide diversity of life expressed on our planet Earth. This image offers us the inspiration to take hold of our responsibility to better care for and conserve those gifts that support all life.

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Patricia Fordney

Hanging On

Watercolor 19x15.25

Artist Inspiration: It features a clothesline with art supplies blowing in the wind. Two clothespins are singing. Two others have their 'fingers' crossed.

Debi Lyn Friedlander

For Dear Life

Hanging Mobile: Acrylic, Mixed Media 12x23

Artist Inspiration: The Black Lives Matter Movement has me thinking about our need to support each other, care for each other, and make sure we recognize the need for black lives to finally be recognized as a part of "All men are created equal." I wanted to represent the spiral of our lives, and our ongoing struggles to achieve our goals and our happiness despite our struggles... and recognize that especially now we are all hanging on the best we can.

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John Friedlander

We Carry the Rope Which Binds Us

Wood clothespins, acrylic paint, clothesline 12x12

Artist Inspiration: We say “I’ve got your back” in times of trouble. Yet when threatened, we often close ranks to protect “our own.” We join together against great threats, yet divide when conquered by internal division. We are served by love, and enslaved by distrust. We Carry The Rope Which Binds Us.

Silent Semaphore

Photography; prints sized to gallery needs
Price: Contact Artist

Artist Inspiration: Isolation can intensify human bonds, even while making them more difficult. Ropes can measure distance, even while pulling us together. How can we signal our feelings from afar? Dirty laundry can semaphore in silence.

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Jennifer Griffith

Heron in Flight

Acrylic on a combination of 4 clothespins 3"x9"
$50 - SOLD

Artist Inspiration: This was based on a personal observation here in Corvallis.

Holding On To Dinner

Acrylic on 12-inch clothespin 2.5"x12"

Artist Inspiration: Based on a photo my partner sent me of a heron that hangs around the stocked fishing pond near Independence OR that she was visiting as the caregiver of a Downs syndrome boy.

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Jeff Gunn

Yoga Poses

Acrylic/Mixed Media 16x16

Artist Inspiration: My message is for all of us during these difficult times to "hang on" to hope with the help of practicing yoga, embracing it as one of many good examples of nurturing both mind and body.

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Kristin Hager

Tree Beauty

Alcohol Ink 11x14

Artist Inspiration: I love to paint trees. They inspire me. I realized when spring came the flowers and trees bloomed as usual, they did not know that a pandemic was happening. They carried on as they always do. Trees hold on through the seasons and bring me such joy and awe. As we hold on through this time, I hope that when spring comes again we will be back to some sort of normalcy.

Clothesline Sale of Art

Paper Collage, Clothespins, laminated prints of Kristin's art

Artist Inspiration: I made this piece first to signify our clothesline sale. These little prints are paintings that would have hung on the clothesline in August. So they are holding on till 2021, our 60th Anniversary of the Clothesline Sale.

Mosaic 1, 2, 3

Paper Collage on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"
$15 Each

Mosaic 4

Paper Collage on 12-inch Clothespin 12"x2.5"

Mosaic 5

Paper Collage on 12-inch Clothespin 12"x2.5"

Artist Inspiration: The mosaics on the clothespins are color copies of my own artwork. Each one is pieced together, holding on to each other to make the whole.

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Gay Hall

Tenacious Morning Glory

Watercolor 11x14

Artist Inspiration: The vines of the morning glory really hold on tenaciously!

Hanging Out the Art

Mixed Media 13x15

Artist Inspiration: Trying to combine art and decorated clothes pins!

Hold on Sun

Watercolor on 12-inch Clothespin 2.5"x12"

Artist Inspiration: Don’t worry the sun will be back tomorrow and the clothes line sale will be back next year!

Linda Humphrey


Mixed Media Clothespin Sculpture 12x8

Cindy Lefton

Hanging On and Letting Go

Mixed Media 11x14

Artist Inspiration: I wanted to do something with a clothesline and came up with the idea of hanging pieces of one of my painted canvases for the sheets. The woman doing the laundry is either hanging on to the sheet in the wind or she is tossing it up and letting it go. I think in these extraordinary times that we are living in, it is important to hang on to the important things in our lives, and learn to let go of the unimportant ones. Each time a person looks at this painting, they can decide for themselves which it will be on that day. This painting sold in 5 minutes on Facebook, so I do think it resonated!

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Steve Leishman

Road from Inavale

Oil 14x11

Artist Inspiration: When life gets stressful, I love to find a peaceful place to take a stroll. This scene reminds me of such a place.

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Jan Lowther

Hanging in There

Mixed Media Sculpture 12x8

Artist Inspiration: In March, my small Corvallis business shut its doors in response to the statewide order due to Covid-19. At that time I was asked to join a small group of women to make masks. Instead of making art, I made masks - about 540 of them. They were delivered to Albany General Hospital, several retirement facilities, family, friends, my church, Linn County Health Department who in turn supplied the Health Department, homeless communities and anyone else who requested them. Wearing masks has been a very controversial subject, however, I have found satisfaction in knowing that my efforts may keep someone from contracting this potentially deadly virus. After 8 weeks my shop reopened. We have adapted our operation by using masks and other safety protocols. I continue to replenish the supply of masks at my church as needed.

Kate McGee

White Night Dress

Pastel 18x24

Artist Inspiration: Jim Dine painted many paintings of bathrobes and other clothing on hangers. I took my cue from him. Also, it is such fun to paint “white” things – because they aren’t.

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Therese Misner

Wear, Wash, Repeat

Charcoal 8x10

Artist Inspiration: I wanted to capture the simplistic sense that masks are now a part of everyday life. Do the laundry, wash the masks, ready for the day.

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June Nissinen

Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespins

Artist Inspiration: I was inspired by the request to create art on clothespins for this special art showing. Since I had never painted a clothespin before I found it a worthwhile project.


Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"
$5 - SOLD


Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"

Spirit is the Key

Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"

Wolf Hollow

Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"
$5 - SOLD


Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"

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Sue Noel


Clothespin and Acrylic Sculpture 22x11

Artist Inspiration: A takeoff of the Burning Man festival man.

Pam Parmelee

Holding On For Tomorrow

Print of Oil Painting 8x10

Artist Inspiration: A physician's clothes hanging on a line strung over the bathtub after working a long shift....a container of Lysol resting next to the tub representing the need to decontaminate clothes worn while caring for coronavirus patients.

This painting represents the protections needed by our healthcare professionals on the front lines who are fighting for all of us. The painting suggests we are all "holding on" in our own way to assure we stay healthy for tomorrow.
We thank them for all that they do!

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Delores Pollard

Alan Having Time to Sketch

Pencil 9x12

Artist Inspiration: Alan is a flower photographer. He has been taking drawing classes and finds it an interesting challenge to draw flowers rather than photograph them. Here we are in our overgrown yard and the chihuahua would rather he had her in his lap.

Number 5 mechanical pencil.

Rani Primmer

Together Alone... Waiting

Mixed Media 12x15

Artist Inspiration: We are all learning how to be in our alone-ness.... together. We wait behind our windows... some waiting alone, some waiting with our quaranteam...some rising in the light of possibility, some sinking into the darkness of our solitary box...some learning how to be together, some breaking apart...some dancing, some playing, some despairing, some mourning... ALL waiting... waiting for the skies to clear. Waiting to be together again.

"She Grew"

"She Grew" Quaran-Queen

Mixed Media (Acrylic, Pen, Resin) on 12-inch Clothespin 12"x2.5"

"Do What Makes You Happy"

"Do What Makes You Happy" Quaran-Queen

Mixed Media (Acrylic, Pen, Resin) on 12-inch Clothespin 12"x2.5"


"Abundance" Quaran-Queen

Mixed Media (Acrylic, Pen, Resin) on 12-inch Clothespin 12"x2.5"

Artist Inspiration: The pandemic has been a bit of a roller coaster for me... at first lamenting about the loss of the 'normalcy' and then attempting to embrace the space of the pause, followed by lamenting... followed by embracing... and so it goes. It would seem a no-brainer for an artist to create art in the pause but for me, it has not come easy. I have managed to dwindle away the time in a busy-ness devoid of creativity. Reluctantly embracing the challenge to create art on clothespins, I momentarily found a way out of my artistic slump and with that the Quaran-Queens arose. This pandemic posse of stay-at-homies are embarking on a personal quarantine quest to find the magic as they gather up the voices of wisdom rising from the ashes of this pandemic wildfire.

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Alan Rowe

Push On

Posca pens, Sharpie, Acrylic on 4-inch Clothespin 4 4 1/2"x1/2"
$20 for set


Posca pens, Sharpie, Acrylic on 12-inch Clothespin 12"x2.5"


Posca pens, Sharpie, Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"


Posca pens, Sharpie, Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"


Posca pens, Sharpie, Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"


Posca pens, Sharpie, Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.25"

Artist Inspiration: My inspiration is the wonderful creativity of the artists in CAG. This exhibit is a sign of these people “holding on” to art and the creative drive even in the face of this destructive pandemic.

Thank you all for your creative expression and these inspiring contributions.

Jesse Salgado


Digital Media 3x5
$1 or donations per print

Artist Inspiration: Covid-19 has done a lot to show us the many areas our society falls short and where we place much of our value. Economics over human life. This illustration represents our country's economic disparity and how we let people with lower incomes hang out to dry.

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Judith Sander

Monday Morning Wash

Mixed Media Collage 20x16

Artist Inspiration: I’ve been fascinated with flamingos since I was little. My family went to the San Diego Zoo quite often. They always had a huge collection of flamingos right at the entrance that I would spend a lot of time looking at and sketching.

Flamingo #1

Mixed Media Collage on 12-inch clothespin 2.5"x12"

Flamingo #2

Mixed Media Collage on 6-inch clothespin 1.5"x6"

Flamingo #3

Mixed Media Collage on 6-inch clothespin 1.5"x6"

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Carol Selberg


Mixed Media/Enamel Sculpture 16x12

Artist Inspiration: Because my enamel work has never been exhibited, plus the large clothes pins were big enough to make a "clothes line." I could make a 'scale model'. The hard wood clothes pins (with "added arms") worked well to wear a a mask. The one on the "floor" didn't live because they didn't wear a mask.

Peggy Sharrow

Hanging On Fragments

Mixed Media 13x15

Artist Inspiration: "Fragments" can be a verb or a noun. Either way, it says that hanging on can be difficult.

Celebrating Foxgloves

Acrylic on 12-inch Clothespin 12"x2.5"

Artist Inspiration: I was inspired by seeing the lovely and upright foxgloves in my garden. They seemed just right for the large, upright clothespin.

Hanging On is Hard to Do

Watercolor with Elegant Writer pen ink 12x16

Artist Inspiration: In these days, weeks and months of dealing with the pandemic and all the chaos that it and other events have caused, it is easy to feel buffeted and out of control. This picture shows my feelings about all this, trying to hold on, adapting to change, some days good, others not so much. In the picture the human figure is still holding on, but it is hard. You can see that some of the clothes on the line, her world, are beginning to be swept away. If you look at the sky, some of the clouds may be others who could not hold on and some of their worlds being blown away. Still we all hold on as best we can.

Iris Garden

Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.5"

Artist Inspiration: I love flowers and irises are among my favorites. This is a 3D piece with flowers on all four sides and on the top.

Roses in Bloom

Acrylic on 6-inch Clothespin 6"x1.5"

Artist Inspiration: The rose bush in our front yard is inspiring. It is in its own fence and grows tall, well above the deer , who are always after it. It is "hanging on".

John Subert

Shadows Succumb

Acrylic on 3.5 inch Clothespin .375x3.5

Artist Inspiration: Yeah, dark times this year—black times for many. As someone who has some of those underlying health issues and falls into that next to the highest death range in the state, some days I feel the target on my back growing. Subsequently I feel the disappointment, worry, and fear. And I rage at the fact that we are 20 years, that's one-fifth, into the 21st century and this is the best we can do as a people and nation. I take those dark feelings and turn them into common sense, discipline, and resolution; the light. The light will reclaim its place. Like lightning, it will crackle in every community. Will I see it? Don't know. But I can proudly say that while here, I did the best I could.

Donna Webster


Acrylic 18x14

Artist Inspiration: Temens in Latin for holding on. God, friends, and family are all holding us tightly through this.

A New Day

Acrylic/Mixed Media 28x20

Artist Inspiration: God is in every sunrise assuring us a new day brings new hope , so hang in there.

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Val Zaba

Hanging on in the Tornado of Covid19

* Click Image for more views *

Mixed Media 3-D /copper wire, nuts, fiber, wooden clothes pin, copper sheet metal, moss 12x14 - $175

Artist Inspiration:

As in The Wizard of OZ…”There is no place like home”….But now that the Covid19 Virus has mandated “stay in place” …stay home!
The tornado continues to ebb and flow.
This tornado has encompassed our lives and continues to provide twists and turns as we struggle to adjust to the “new normal”.
What is normal in a Tornado?
As I read the CAG prospectus for this project, and chatted with the coordinators Rani and John, I was intrigued with the many ideas we each had separately and individually. A 2-D piece? A 3D piece? An inter-active piece? Perhaps an event in the future?
So many possibilities with that little clothespin for inspiration.
My Mom in Binghamton, NY had a ratty clothes pin bag hanging on our second level porch. She held the pins in her teeth (which we were forbidden to do!) as she cranked the rope clothesline thru a small window out into the air for the newly washed clothes to dry.
We were always sneaking pins to play with or make art with.
I had forgotten about that until John and I chatted.
I didn’t have any clothes pins…but many Corvallis friends did.
I only needed one pin.
It was just me holding on.

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Mike Bergen

The Pre-Pandemic Clothesline Sale

Watercolor, 9x12
$195 Framed

Artist Inspiration: Hopefully back to normal next year!

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