The Guild sponsors several venues around Corvallis where members may exhibit and offer their work for sale. Some venues take only 5 paintings, others take up to 20 or more. At large venues, you can share space with another exhibiting member. Locations are available for 1 or 2 month duration.

To participate, you must follow the rules listed below.

1. In order to participate, one must be an Exhibiting Member of the Guild in good standing.

2. Works of the artist must be original. No paintings of other copyrighted artworks, work done in class with the aid of an instructor, nor works that could infringe upon any copyright law, shall be exhibited or sold.

3. Each exhibited piece shall have on it, an Art Guild label with the artists name, price, if offered for sale, and phone number of the artist.

4. Exhibited work must not include nudes, political statements or any offensive subject matter. In the event a complaint arises from a business concerning any artwork on display at a Guild sponsored site, the Exhibit Chairperson has the authority to request those pieces be removed and replaced.

5. Artists not able to meet their show schedule because of an emergency must notify the Exhibit Chairperson as soon as possible so that the Exhibit Chairperson can find another exhibitor. Should any artists fail to keep their commitment without good cause, their exhibiting privileges may be cancelled for a period up to one year, at the discretion of the Executive Board.

6. To sign up, see HAT schedule binder available at regular meetings or email the Exhibit Chairperson.

For Hang Around Town venues and schedules, click here.