Peggy Sharrow – Fiber, Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Peggy Sharrow - Fiber, Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Artist: Peggy Sharrow
Medium: Fiber, Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Artist Bio:

Peggy Sharrow has sewn and enjoyed drawing since she was a little girl. In high school, she sewed clothes and began embroidering pictures. Although her career took her in a direction other than the arts, she continued to learn and increase her skills in fiber art, especially embroidery, quilting and garment making.

She joined the Corvallis Art Guild in the 1980’s. She has shown her work in an art to wear shop in the 1980’s, called Ecru. She has also shown her work at the Arts Center in Corrine Woodman Galleryand in other shows there. She has also shown her plein air watercolors in the Vistas and Vineyards’ show at the LaSells-Stewart’s galleries at Oregon State University during the past 4 years and in 3 other shows in that same location. She continues to hone her skills in different media in order to further express joy and beauty.


Ph# 541-752-7659