Doyle Leek – Watercolor

Doyle Leek - Watercolor

Artist: Doyle Leek
Medium: Watercolor

Artist Bio:

During my 36 year career as a structural engineer, I broke down problems to their fundamentals to solve them, and created precise thorough engineering drawings where every nut and bolt were shown to scale. I have retained this precision in the focal points in many of my drawings and paintings, but have been able to gradually release some of my control and allow the pencil and brush to dance through my paintings and suggest shapes, figures and stories rather than accurately describe them. I am constantly amazed at how the most subtle changes of line weight or value or splashes of color that mingle and run, can be so descriptive.

I have taken watercolor workshops from many nationally known watercolor artists, and have an extraordinary watercolorist, James Kirk as a mentor. I have recently organized an Open Studio Life Drawing class at The Arts Center, and am active with Vistas and Vineyards, the Corvallis Art Guild and the Watercolor Society of Oregon. I recently won “Best of Show” in one of the bi-annual WSO shows.



Ph# 541-760-9410