Dominique Bachelet, Watercolor

Dominique Bachelet, Watercolor

Artist: Dominique Bachelet
Medium: Watercolor

Artist Bio:

Dominique Bachelet was born and raised in northern France. Her great grandfather was an “artiste peintre” who died at the turn of the 20th century from a hot air balloon accident. Some of his paintings are still hanging in the museum of her hometown, Arras.

Her father who could draw and paint very well, encouraged her when she was a child to draw farm animals and pastoral landscapes like those around his native village.

Dominique came to the US in August 1979 and moved from West Virginia to Colorado to California to New Mexico and in 1988 to Corvallis, Oregon. She took sporadic drawing and watercolor classes wherever she lived. In 2000 she moved to Olympia, Washington, where she met the watercolor artist and teacher Melodi Cottongim who inspired her to pursue watercolor painting.

Dominique first showed and sold her watercolors at the 2005 Olympia Artswalk. After a 12-year gap, Dominique moved back to Corvallis and has been painting on and off outside her day job at the university, including taking a few classes with late Lynn Powers.

Her art is displayed on friendly walls in Asheville and Franklin (NC), Fort Collins (CO), Corvallis, Portland and Philomath (OR), Albuquerque and Las Cruces (NM), Bozeman (MT), Olympia (WA), Toulouse, Paris, Boulogne, and Arras (France). She is a member of the Oregon Watercolor Society and has participated to local shows such as the Philomath Open Studios and the Clothesline Sale of Art as well as displayed her watercolors at the library and City Hall of Albany. She has also showed at several CAG venues and in community shows at Lasells Stewart Center and the Arts Center in Corvallis.