Board & Committee Members

If you are a member interested in serving on the board or as a committee chair, we’d love to have you join us.
Please contact the Guild.

Board of Directors

President – Debi Friedlander
Vice President/Programs – Karen Kreamer
Treasurer – John Friedlander
Secretary – Maria Orr
Past President – Peggy Sharrow

Committee Chairs

Newsletter Editor – John Friedlander
Exhibit Chair – Phil Coleman
Jury Committee – Therese Misner
Clothesline Sale Chair – Brynn Carter
The Arts Center BOD Rep – vacant
The Arts Center Exhibits Comm. Rep. – Dominique Bachelet
Social Media Manager – Rani Primmer
Website Manager – Rani Primmer
Workshop Chair – OPEN – if interested, contact Peggy Sharrow
Membership Chair – Rani Primmer
Fall Festival Co-ordinater – Kristin Hager