Board & Committee Chairs

Board of Directors President Debi Friedlander Vice President/Programs Karen Kreamer Treasurer John Friedlander Secretary Maria Orr Past President Peggy Sharrow Committee Chairs Newsletter Editor John Friedlander Exhibit Chair Phil Coleman Jury Committee Therese Misner Clothesline Sale Chair Brynn Carter The Arts Center BOD Rep vacant The Arts Center Exhibits Comm. Rep. Dominique Bachelet Social Media…

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CORVALLIS ART GUILD Revised By-Laws, Passed at Membership 10/5/15 Meeting ARTICLE I – NAME This group shall be known as the Corvallis Art Guild (The Guild). ARTICLE II –GENERAL Section 1.  Purpose: The Guild is a non-profit organization of people interested in the advancement of visual arts. The purpose of The Guild shall be to:1.…

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