2019 Sale Details

What: 58th Annual Clothesline Sale of Art

  • The event is an outdoor gallery and sale presenting two-dimensional works by local artists who are exhibiting members of the Corvallis Art Guild.

Where: Benton County Oregon’s historic Courthouse, 120 NW 4th Street, Corvallis, Oregon

When: August 3rd, 2019 9-5 PM

Who: Paid Exhibiting Members of the Corvallis Art Guild.  

  • For information about being juried in as an Exhibiting Member, click here.
  • Must be a paid Corvallis Art Guild member for current year
  • Must have participated in a Hanging Around Town venue at least once since August 1, 2018.

Cost of Participation: Entry fee: $25 + 10% of gross sales from the event

Spaces: 10 x 10. Those marked as clothesline spaces have a suspended ‘clothesline’ (chicken wire) at the back of the space which is used to hang artwork.

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Application Process and Registration Form

  • Print and complete the registration form to reserve your spot. Attach a $25 check or money order payable Corvallis Art Guild. No cash please.  Either bring completed form and check to July 1 CAG meeting or mail to:
Brynn Carter, 2019 Clothesline Sale Chair
950 SE Powell Ave
Corvallis OR 97333
  • Send a jpeg image of one painting to brynncarterphd@gmail.com. This will be included in the online gallery of Clothesline Sale of Art participants.  
    • 72 dpi
    • Minimum 600-800 pixels on the longest side
    • Should be clear and not blurry
    • Should be taken parallel and square to the art piece (no angles)
    • Should not include picture frames (crop them out if possible)
    • File names should be as follows: artist name_title of artwork_medium_size ie: “Rani Primmer_Beautiful Chaos_Digital Painting_16x20.jpg”.  Note that the medium and size are optional. Ie: “Rani Primmer_Beautiful Chaos.jpg”
  • Notes:
    • No reservations will be accepted before the July meeting.
    • Members who have contributed to the operation of the Corvallis Art Guild in the past or present will be given first choice of location.  Otherwise it is first come, first serve.
    • Space assignments will be posted in late July.

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General Information

  • Posters and marketing material will be available at July 1 CAG meeting.
  • If this is your first time participating, we strongly encourage you attend the July 1 CAG meeting for more specifics and to answer any questions.
  • Volunteers are needed to hang and later remove posters at assigned communities/locations. Please contact Brynn Carter if you can help.
  • Helpful Show Checklist
  • Prior to 2015, there was a central cashier to handle sales. However, the CAG Board decided to eliminate the central cashier. Individual artists are in charge of managing their own sales and submitting 10% of those sales to Corvallis Art Guild by August 10th.

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Site Plan

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2019 Space Assignments

2 Laura Crosby
6 Phyllis Johnson
12 Kristin Hager
14 Dominique Bachelet
18 Earl Newman
19 Jennifer Griffith
21 Musicians
22 Pam Parmelee
23 Debi Friedlander
25 Doyle Leek
26 Marjorie Kinch
28 Rani Primmer
33 Peggy Sharrow
35 Rhoda Fleischmann
37 Fred Amos
38 Kat Sloma
42 Cherrill Boissonou
44 Phil Coleman
45 Chinh Le
46 Linda Edwards
48 Caylee Van Schenck
49 Brynn Carter
50 Mike Bergen
52 Alisha Whitman
53 Shannon Casserly
54 Judy Findley
56 Shirley Wirth
57 Janet Hessel
58 Doug Squires
59 Carol Fairbanks

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Event Organization Chart

Clothesline Sale ChairBrynn Carter brynncarterphd@gmail.com
SignageDoyle Leek
AdvertisingMargie Kinch

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Sale Guidelines and Rules

  1. On the day of the event, check-in at table by the south wall of the Courthouse.  
    • Obtain your name tag and sales/commission form.  Each artist will manage their own transactions and keep track of total sales. Each artist is responsible for returning the commission form and along with a check payable to Corvallis Art Guild for 10% of total sales by August 10. Mail the sales/commission form and a check payable to Corvallis Art Guild to:
      • Corvallis Art Guild
        Attn: Clothesline Chair
        P.O. Box 2047
        Corvallis, OR 97339
    • Familiarize yourself with the event’s layout, locations of the portable toilet/trash receptacles, etc., and your space.  
    • Please be sure to wear your name tag throughout the day.
  2. You may unload your vehicle while parked in the spaces on Monroe, but please move the car as soon as you have unloaded so that others can do the same.  After unloading, park AWAY from the Courthouse so that our patrons can get to the sale easily.
  3. Do not pound any stakes, umbrella shafts, or other anchors into the ground.  Use sandbags and weighted stands to secure these items.
  4. Participants must stay for the duration of the sale until 5 pm.  Please do not leave early. 
  5. Only two-dimensional artwork may be sold.  This includes originals and photomechanical reproductions and cards.  No clothing, refrigerator magnets, or other craft items may be sold.
  6. Only CAG member work can be sold.  No work by friends or relatives.
  7. Only hang framed work.  Pieces without frames may be sold from a rack or basket. 
  8. Prices must remain the same throughout the sale.  Please no reduction at the end of the day.
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